Landscape Lighting 101

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These aren’t your typical plastic solar lights. We are talking some real fire power. One of the last things you think about when setting up your landscaping, if at all, is lighting. It doesn’t need to cost a lot, but a simple addition of some strategic lights can really amplify your property.

Adding to the Beauty of your Home

These low voltage durable lights can bring some added curb appeal which in turn, increases the value of your home. Landscape lighting has a unique ability to highlight the best features of your home. If you are planning to sell your home, landscape lighting can be a quick and inexpensive way to attract more potential buyers, not to mention make for a great photo opportunity to use in your property listing.

Added Security for your Home

Having lights around your home also improves security. These efficient low voltage LED lights on at night might deter someone from poking around keeping your family safe.

Entertain into the Evenings

You can keep your friends safe as well when they hanging out enjoying the long summer nights. Lights placed throughout your yard and landscaping can be an added level of safety along with making your place somewhere people want to be. Rather than relying on 2 or 3 carriage lights or flood lights to harshly illuminate your patio you may opt instead for the soft glow of your landscape lighting.

DIY vs. Professional Landscape Lighting

When you opt for professional landscape lighting services, not only are you getting an expert in the products but you are also opting for a BETTER product. Many of the professional lighting options come with a 10 year warranty and hold up to the Minnesota winters. Beyond the products themselves, the strategy involved in the placement of your lighting is arguably more important than the light itself. A professional may be able to accomplish a design with less lighting but used more strategically than you may have assumed possible.   

In contrast, getting your lighting from a big box store may seem like a good choice in the moment but when you factor in the lifespan of the product, the quality of the lighting you will achieve and the time and energy it will take you to plan out and set up your own lighting, it may be more trouble than it is worth in the end.

Professional landscapers have an edge in bringing out the shadows, mood and magic in your yard that is worth every penny.


If you are thinking of getting lights it is best to finalize things upfront so when a group starts tearing out your existing landscaping and installing the new stuff, you won’t be needing to redo work that has already been done.

Selecting and Installing your Landscape Lighting

Most lighting installs are non invasive and simple to set up. Essentially a wire is laid down and lights are clamped on. Keep in mind this isn’t a project a homeowner should be doing, a licensed electrician would need to be involved.

Some optional components include timers and switches along with bluetooth and dimmers.

We have a software program that we can show you how lights will look around your house. This will give us an estimate on cost as well. If you are still on the fence you can test drive the lights digitally to see if you like them. 

Time and Cost to Install Lighting

Landscape lighting can make or break your landscaping but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Systems that are installed directly into retaining wall brick can run around $600. Obviously the more lights and features you add the higher the cost. But with today’s tech you can control everything from the palm of your hand like a wizard.

Typically the time to design and order the equipment is around one week. This is usually a one day job. Install in the morning and work with the electrician wires things up and that night you are enjoying your new lighting. Ensure that any permits are pulled when applicable by the city you live in. There also could be ordinances on the limitation of they lighting you can choose, which will limit you options.


Give us a call or contact us today and we can show you how landscape lighting can really turn things up a notch.