Lawn Care

We can take care of all your yard work to-dos.

Our Most Popular Services

When it comes to dirt and rocks we do it all. From Mankato, Fairmont to St. James and everything in between we bring our tools and expertise to you.

Mowing & Trimming

Tree/Shrub Pruning

Seeding &


Fertilizer Programs

Weed Control



Save with Seasonal Packages

Spring Maintenance

Sit back and let us do the yard work. We will revitalize your lawn after the snow melts and get you on your way to enjoying your outdoor spaces.

Weekly Mowing and Trimming*

Full Yard Clean-Up

Whole Lawn Dethatching

4-Step Fertilizer Program

Weed Control

Summer Maintenance

You should spend your summers enjoying your lawn not mowing it. Leave the yard work to the professionals at Total Lawn Care and take back your Saturdays.

Weekly Mowing and Trimming*

Whole Lawn Aeration

Weed Control


Fall Maintenance

You have more important things to do thans rake leaves and figure out where to take them, forget about cleaning out your landscaping and call the professionals at TLC to get the job done.

Weekly Mowing and Trimming*

Full Yard Fall Clean-Up

Leaf Removal

Winter Preparation

Winter Maintenance 

You don’t wants to wake up early to shovel the driveway when you could be cozy in your bed. We’ll handle everything that winter dishes out and you can enjoy a cup of cocoa in your slippers.

Worry-Free Snow Removal

Sanding/Salting Walkways


Parking Lots

* Mowing is always done at the discretion of our seasoned professionals to ensure that you have a healthy lawn. Mowing may happen more or less often depending on your lawns growth rate.

Looking for the Best Deal? 

Bundle our seasonal packages and you can save some cash and enjoy your lawn instead of working on it. 


5% OFF

Save 5% on your second consecutive seasonal package. 


10% OFF

Save 10% on your second consecutive seasonal package. 

Total Package

15% OFF

Save 15% on your fourth consecutive seasonal package and lock in those savings for each season after that! 

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What Your Neighbors are Saying

Great people who do great work!

Posted by Matthew Boeve on Tuesday, December 24, 2019

They did a fantastic job on re-grading along my house and helping me add landscaping! Would recommend then 100x over

Posted by Sarah Stocker on Monday, September 30, 2019