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 Our goal is to make your yard amazing even if we don’t have to break a sweat in the process.

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by | Apr 5, 2018

Answering Your Lawn Care Questions

Answering Your Lawn Care Questions

We are answering our most common questions about our lawn care services. What height do you cut the grass at?Cut all lawn areas to a height of approx. 3.5 inches every 7-10 days as needed, four reasons that we do this are as follows.   The grass blade is the food...

Your Questions About Paver Installation

Your Questions About Paver Installation

 We are answering your most asked questions about paver patios and walkways. First, lets talk about our process when install pavers: Paver projects will be completed in 4 phases: Phase I: Excavate and remove all loose materials to a depth of up to 12''.  This provides...

Landscape Lighting 101

Landscape Lighting 101

These aren’t your typical plastic solar lights. We are talking some real fire power. One of the last things you think about when setting up your landscaping, if at all, is lighting. It doesn’t need to cost a lot, but a simple addition of some strategic lights can...

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Great people who do great work!

Posted by Matthew Boeve on Tuesday, December 24, 2019

They did a fantastic job on re-grading along my house and helping me add landscaping! Would recommend then 100x over

Posted by Sarah Stocker on Monday, September 30, 2019