Landscape & Lawncare

Tips and Tricks 

Landscape Lighting 101

These aren’t your typical plastic solar lights. We are talking some real fire power. One of the last things you think about when setting up your landscaping, if at all, is lighting. It doesn’t need to cost a lot, but a simple addition of some strategic lights can...

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Decks vs. Patios: Which is right for your home?

One of the most common questions we hear is “what is a better resale value for my home, a deck or a patio?”. We see a ton of folks that are sick of staining and varnishing a wooden deck, and are looking at other options. Most of the time the paver patio will be...

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Patio Pitfalls

Whether you are doing it yourself or working with a professional these are things to consider when installing a new patio. The right way is not the easiest, but if you want your new patio to last a lifetime you need to do things correctly. Call 811 before you...

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Our Dirty Secret

Many DIYers are eager to make an improvement to their property. It is important to understand what all goes into a project. Not many people know that we have a ton of equipment to help out with the excavating at the beginning of your projects. We can help with...

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Fall Lawn Care Checklist

Just when you get through the busy yard working season, you may think you are out of the woods and all the work is done, bring on the snow. If you have this mentality you are missing a crucial step in lawn care, fall clean up and maintenance. The most important thing...

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